Our technology brings organization and insight to the management of complex review teams. 

Esquify's cutting-edge platform uses AI-automation to provide a workforce management solution built specifically for legal review.

Esquify is document-platform agnostic and works in tandem with your existing eDiscovery license...it's that simple.


Enhanced Machine Learning

We utilize next-generation technology to provide a modern workforce management platform that's made for legal review. With Esquify, we increase performance, quality and overall case efficiency for individual reviewers, teams and management.  

Automated Supervision

Through our AI-driven tech, Esquify supervises all reviewers simultaneously and at scale - so it's like each reviewer having a personal supervisor at all times. Esquify's tech recognizes if a reviewer is on-task and case managers can monitor reviewers' screens to maintain consistency and assure accuracy.


Streamlined Communications

We have built-in communication tools that allow case managers and reviewers to communicate in real-time and on the fly. Everyone is kept up to speed with notifications and chat features made specifically for law, like Esquify's DocuTix™

Actionable Analytics

Gain unprecedented insight into individual and team performance on quality, accuracy, efficiency and productivity with our actionable analytics dashboards. Not only do we tell you how your case is going, we tell you when it will be completed and anticipated costs - information critical to managing a successful document review. 

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