Esquify's Reviewer Community is made up of barred, US-based contract attorneys. All virtual reviewers are rated and perform supervised document reviews powered by Esquify's technology platform.  

Esquify's VERC: Virtual eDiscovery Reviewer Community


Esquify's Virtual Reviewer Community:

  • US-Based contract attorneys only
  • Barred and vetted by our team
  • Trained on each and every case
  • Supervised by both our proprietary technology and Esquify Case Managers to assure quality and security
  • Rated based on past and current performance
  • Evaluated via realtime reviewer analytics and progress
  • Billed by the minute for actual work completed

By using technology and ratings to oversee reviewers, Esquify has transformed the reviewer's experience and overall accountability - meaning a better, more productive case review.

Interested in joining the Esquify Community?

- Esquify allows you to commit to your own schedule. You set your hours each week. We then track your progress and pay you based on the time you work. 

- Create your own profile and stay up to speed with your own analytics dashboard and communication tools that helps you track your own progress, pay and Esquify rating. 


- Work from home or another secure location and enjoy your newfound flexibility. 

- With Esquify, you can build a career and benefit from your hard work and past experience. We track your past cases, reward hard work with higher ratings that can drive your case selection and pay. 


Join Esquify's VERC: Virtual eDiscovery Reviewer Community™  

We are currently adding new reviewers to the Esquify Community. Please provide the info below and we will reach out with next steps! Thank you!

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