Improve your case management capabilities and gain insights into reviewer performance from Esquify's Relativity dashboard. 


Add a unique reviewer-focused layer to your review.

Our Relativity-integrated dashboard allows clients to access up-to-the-minute data on all aspects of their review team's performance directly in Relativity. 

Supervise your review teams and improve their performance with our off-the-shelf technology. Esquify's Reviewer Command Center dashboard will improve your understanding of how effectively reviewers interact with documents while also highlighting opportunities for performance improvement. 

Esquify’s Reviewer Command Center includes: 

  • Individual reviewer performance analytics
  • Team performance data & reviewer comparison 
  • Virtual supervision 
  • Real-time productivity analysis
  • Overturn analytics
  • Reviewer to document statistics
  • Built in communication tools including Esquify's DocuTix

All directly accessible within the Relativity platform.