Maximize your document review team performance with Esquify's reviewer management and analytics platform.

We’ve paired our proprietary machine learning technology with real-time analytics to revolutionize the management of review teams and lower the cost of your document review projects by 25-40+%. 

Use Esquify with either your own reviewers, or tap into our virtual reviewer community of barred, US-based reviewers.


Keep Your Document Platform :  Esquify works with your existing eDiscovery document platform as a companion app and can be deployed with your reviewers or ours.

Increase Team Performance :      Our supervision, analytics and communications platform streamlines legal document review team performance and drives quality.

Unlock Realtime Analytics :          Our technology drives accountability and oversight via up-to-the-minute performance stats on individuals,  teams and overall review progress.   


Esquify technology unlocks:

  • Higher Quality Reviews

  • Management Insight

  • Actionable Analytics

  • Reviewer Efficiency

  • Accountability

  • Streamlined Communications

Want to improve reviewer productivity by 20%-30%?       

Click play to see how Esquify works. 


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