DocuTix streamlines reviewer-to-manager communication. This feature helps supervisors better organize and triage reviewer inquiries while maximizing reviewer productivity and coding accuracy.

*DocuTix is available natively in both the Esquify application and Relativity.

Maximize Reviewer Productivity & Accuracy

Easily Create & Route Questions

Reviewers can easily ask questions about documents and route to managers directly from the Relativity document view, increasing productivity and streamlining communication.

Simple Ticket Management & Triage

Managers access and triage document specific questions in one place, allowing them to quickly provide answers to their team members on the fly. 

Build a Virtual Knowledge Base

Leverage existing DocuTix Q&A as a virtual knowledge base for Reviewers to both reference and find answers to their questions.


Surface Actionable Insights

Management Dashboard

View and manage DocuTix by status, including visibility into average response and complete time for tickets. Managers can also see a full list of tickets and sort based on metadata like question topics, document ID, status, creator, and more.

Understand Trending Tags

Managers can analyze DocuTix™ topic frequency by case to understand trends in question context and incorporate into Reviewer training.