Here's how it works: 

  1. Esquify works with your existing eDiscovery platform.

  2. Reviewers access your documents, wherever they live, and our patented supervision tools allow us to perform a secure, efficient, virtual review- better than if we were in the room with our reviewers.

  3. This means that our team can perform a physical document review from anywhere in the country, cutting out wasteful spending and inefficiencies, all while being supervised real-time by our case managers.

  4. We pass on to you unprecedented savings, efficiencies and real-time analytics, giving you the peace of mind needed to focus on what matters most- winning your case. 

*  Relativity User? Check out our Relativity-integrated offering, The Reviewer Command Center™! Click here!  

          Esquify features a state-of-the-art offering:

Technology: Enhanced Machine Learning

We utilize next-generation technology to supervise our reviews better than if we were physically in the same room as our reviewers. Esquify's tech recognizes if a review is on-task at all times and our case managers can monitor reviewers' screens to maintain consistency and assure accuracy.


Community: Rated, Efficient & Accountable

The Esquify Community is made up of barred, vetted and rated contract attorneys. Our reviewer profiles and up-to-the-minute ratings assure that you have the best reviewers for your case. Also, since reviewers are rated, they are incentivized to perform efficiently and accurately, creating the highest level of accountability for your case.

Communication: On-demand & up to speed

We have built-in communication tools that allow our case managers and reviewers to communicate in real-time. Each reviewer is trained on your case and kept up to speed with notifications and chat features.


Analytics: Realtime Case Updates & Projections

Not only can we tell you how your case is going, we can tell you when it will be completed and anticipated costs- information critical to making case decisions around timing and spend. 

Remember, since Esquify isn't bound by time or space, we can speed-up, slow-down or change parameters on the fly to accommodate your ongoing and dynamic case environment.