Esquify Launches DocuTix™: Our Newest Innovation in Workforce Management for Legal Review

Here at Esquify, we’re used to pushing the boundaries of traditional legal review by harnessing the power of technology to simplify complex legal problems.

We’re proud to launch our newest, groundbreaking feature included within Esquify’s workforce management platform for legal review:

DocuTix ™- Esquify’s document-based communications engine

DocuTix™ streamlines reviewer-to-manager communication. The feature helps supervisors better organize and triage reviewer inquiries while maximizing reviewer productivity and coding accuracy and is available in both the Esquify application as well as in Relativity.  

Simply, we created DocuTix™ to enable quick yet precise communication, or tickets, linked to specific documents, issues and tags.

“Using DocuTix™, managers are able to field, streamline, and prioritize document- based questions in real time as their reviewer team identifies and surfaces DocuTix™ directly from the document view, minimizing back and forth on email, lost time, and maximizing team efficiency,” said Drew Stern, co-Founder of Esquify. “Then, managers are able to analyze trends in Reviewer questions and optimize case training leading to a higher quality case review.”

By increasing accuracy and surfacing actionable coding insights, DocuTix™ allows the entire team to optimize performance in stride while maintaining the forward inertia of the review process.

“Finding the best solution to every problem is a task many managers excel at in theory - but what happens when reality sinks in, and you’re faced with fifty questions all needing solutions at once?” asks Scott Stuart, Esq. fellow Esquify co-Founder.  “Moreover, once you’ve identified a solution, how do you inform the entire Reviewer team on how best to proceed? DocuTix™ solves both of these challenges at once.”  

DocuTix™ allows you to maximize reviewer productivity and accuracy using four main features:

1. Easily Create & Route Questions

Reviewers can easily ask questions about documents and route to managers directly from the Relativity document view, increasing productivity and streamlining communication.

2. Simple Ticket Management & Triage

Managers access and triage questions in one place, allowing them to quickly provide answers to their team members based on document context.

3. Build a Virtual Knowledge Base

Leverage existing DocuTix™ Q&A as a virtual knowledge base for Reviewers to both reference and proactively find answers to their questions.

4. Access to Management Insights

Surface actionable insights through Esquify’s Management Dashboard, which allows supervisors to not only manage DocuTix™ by status, but also understand query trends in order to optimize Reviewer training.

DocuTix™ is just the newest addition to Esquify’s stable of features revolutionizing workforce management for legal review.

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