Esquify, QDiscovery Ally to Offer Unique, End-to-End eDiscovery Solution

CHICAGO (Jan. 26, 2017) – Esquify and QDiscovery have announced the rollout of a strategic partnership to bring a powerful tech-centric processing, hosting and review solution to the eDiscovery marketplace.

The alliance of these legal tech innovators uniquely provides a seamless process – from document collection and management to ground breaking, tech-enabled manual review. 

Chicago-based Esquify is the first company to create an “Uber-like eDiscovery marketplace" utilizing machine learning technology, real time supervision and communications tools within manual document review.  The solution unlocks performance and efficiency analytics for use with either onsite or virtual reviewers.  

“Our new model for document review has joined the power of our organically grown reviewer marketplace with proprietary technology to radically improve the process. Our partnership with QDiscovery takes this to the next level, assuring greater quality and results from beginning to end," said Scott Stuart, Esq., founder and co-chief executive of Esquify.  

QDiscovery, headquartered in New London, CT., and with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, provides a host of eDiscovery and digital forensic services and solutions. The company is known for creating custom workflows and incorporating analytics to guide reviewers to the most relevant documents sooner. This approach results in workflow efficiency and lower costs.

QDiscovery Chief Executive David Barrett called the partnership a triple win – not just for each respective business, but also for clients – the corporations, law firms and government enterprises needing comprehensive eDiscovery and litigation support services so uniquely delivered. 

As a result of this partnership, the firms’ combined clients are already experiencing better outcomes and significant cost reductions, Stuart said, adding, “Our single, performance-driven offering puts us ahead of the curve in this fast-changing environment.”

“Ever-increasing data volume from traditional sources and new technologies is a dominant consideration in eDiscovery. We continue to incorporate creative solutions to make managing litigation data easier, more efficient and ultimately, more cost-effective,” Barrett said. “There’s a need for innovation like Esquify’s that improves the review process; together, we’ll have that much more impact on the market.” 

Esquify and QDiscovery are both partners and fully integrated with kCura’s Relativity platform, although both companies will continue to be compatible with other eDiscovery platforms. 

QDiscovery is one of only a few companies that processes within Relativity and includes Relativity Analytics without an additional fee. Esquify recently launched its Reviewer Command Center exclusively for Relativity users, who can now access analytics on reviewer performance right within Relativity’s systems. Esquify’s combined analytics, supervisory and communications tools substantially advance understanding of reviewer performance.

Drew Stern, fellow Esquify founder and co-chief executive, noted that “Esquify and QDiscovery share business philosophies and culture, along with a focus on analytics as a basis for driving better performance and outcomes, meaning a better result for our shared customers."

Each company emphasizes the role of client-responsive teams. QDiscovery’s teams consult and project manage to ensure efficient execution of eDiscovery projects, and also provide guidance in areas ranging from cyber security to legal forensics. Esquify closes the loop on technology-driven reviews by raising the bar on client transparency and reviewer performance.

About Esquify

Esquify’s eDiscovery solution uses advanced machine learning technology to make the manual document review process more effective and efficient. Since its launch in late 2015, it has already achieved several significant milestones and rapid growth. In October, 2016, it became a development partner of kCura, showcasing on its Relativity platform its Reviewer Command Center for supervising, monitoring and providing sophisticated reviewer and case performance analytics. The firm was named as a top tech innovator to watch by the Built in Chicago tech community as well as by Techweek Chicago. Contact, 1-844-ESQUIFY or visit for more information.

About QDiscovery

QDiscovery is a premier provider of electronic discovery and digital forensic services across the entire EDRM spectrum. Our dedicated team of eDiscovery professionals, forensic experts and litigation support specialists serves corporations, law firms and government enterprises, helping them manage complex matters and reduce the expense of litigation. Our single source platforms allow clients to process and review faster, leverage advanced analytics, streamline workflows, and automate complex productions, ultimately translating to lower costs. Our foremost focus is to provide clients with unparalleled customer service and cost-effective solutions. Contact or visit for more information.