AI And the Practice of Law

If you follow tech, you know that artificial intelligence (AI) is the gee whiz, isn’t-this-cool tech development of the moment.

If the movie Ex Machina didn’t totally freak you out at the possibilities, know that AI is actually the brainpower behind a raft of arguably more benign advances in the legal field. 

As a recent article in LegalTechNews pointed out, its enabling of what’s called “deep learning” moves the law forward on any number of fronts. One interesting mention is of two companies that are introducing “lawyer robots” that borrow from the smart robot technology in manufacturing, performing any logical, codifiable process. A law firm might upload, say, "a large set of documents," that is filed before bringing their availability to the attention of the appropriate lawyers.

Once you get past the shock value of “lawyer robots,” you realize what’s not explicitly stated in the piece but should be. Tech isn’t going to replace lawyers anytime soon, no matter how “smart” we make it. Because AI’s promise in terms of the law is in how it will help legal professionals do their job better. We’ve only scratched the surface here – and Esquify is a great example of how AI and machine learning come together to help lawyers perform a service that’s better, cheaper and more efficient.

It’s a quick, interesting read, and we added our perspective to the comments. Take a look and make a comment of your own!

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