Esquify and TAGLaw Partner to Offer Law Firms Cutting Edge eDiscovery Tools

Esquify, a Chicago based legal tech startup, has officially partnered with TAGLaw®, an independent alliance of over 155 independent law firms and 10,000 lawyers based in over 90 countries, as a member of its “Friend of TAG” program.

TAGLaw is one of the five largest legal alliances in the world, with members admitted based on their reputations and also recommendations by existing members. Friends of TAG are invited for their ability to provide TAGLaw’s members with advanced technology platforms, expert resources, goods and services to help them improve their firm’s profitability while servicing their clients with innovative solutions.

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Esquify, an eDiscovery innovator with its tech-based assist for the manual process of legal document review, is the only vendor partner to TAGLaw in the eDiscovery niche. Document review is estimated as a $5 billion piece of the $11.7 billion eDiscovery market.

Launched in late 2015, Esquify utilizes patent-pending machine learning technology and an advanced attorney-reviewer “workspace” to drive more efficient, accurate and cost effective reviews.  Its cutting edge communications and real-time analytics features are reinventing the document review process, one that has been tedious, opaque and difficult to manage. Esquify’s technology has been shown to boost efficiency by at least 25 percent and create cost savings of as much as 45 percent. “Our affiliation with TAGLaw is an exciting endorsement of the value and cutting edge technology we bring to the review process,” said Lorenzo Mendizabal, Esq., Executive Director at Esquify. 

“Esquify’s cutting edge capabilities provide a real opportunity for TAGLaw’s members to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs on document reviews, through Esquify’s industry leading management and data transparency,” adds Richard Attisha, President & CEO of TAGLaw and TAG Alliances. “We look forward to working together with Esquify on new and innovative ways to provide our members with competitive advantages, greater efficiencies and cost-savings on eDiscovery products and services.”

For example, Esquify’s real-time data features on review facets like reviewer accuracy and quality provide never-before-available industry performance benchmarks. The firm will work with members to develop best-practices to better tout their performance on reviews against industry standards. 

“While we’re still developing our U.S. base of clients as our first priority, this arrangement gives us a toehold for our ultimate international expansion,” said Esquify founder and co-CEO, Scott Stuart, Esq. “There’s nothing like a little help from our friends to ensure we’re all optimally positioned for that kind of success.”