When the judge says: Use "technology to aid in the efficiency" of document review

Well, Esquify’s not gotten any “official” endorsements yet. Honestly, we’re more busy building the business and taking care of customers.

But I’ve included below a recent judge’s decision that serves as the next best thing. It’s hugely relevant to what our platform offers to improve on document reviews as you know them now: A tech-based solution that streamlines the inconsistent, frustrating and costly process of attorney document review with our cutting-edge reviewer workspace.

In this litigation offshoot of a large bankruptcy case, one of the parties was resisting a document review on the grounds the material in question was proprietary and costly. The judge ordered it, though, with the stipulation that it be tech-based so it’s more efficient and cost-effective. And by the way, make sure it’s not a “Cadillac attorney review.”

"In granting the motion, Judge Bowbeer... ordered the parties to meet and confer regarding an efficient way to go forward. This meet and confer, she said, should involve an outside vendor that could consult on the use of technology to aid in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the process. Along these lines, she stressed the need for a reasonable attorney review, not a “Cadillac attorney review.'"

Since we use tech as the assist to drive attorney productivity and cost savings- yes, we’ll be calling to offer our services :)