A Q&A With Lorenzo Mendizabal, Someone You Should Know

Our first senior-level hire is a name familiar to many among our friends and contacts in the legal community. Lorenzo Mendizabal, well known for his work in business bankruptcy, restructuring and growth strategies, has joined Esquify as executive director of sales. The entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge base and contacts that he’s honed over the last 25 years with market leaders like Epiq and Trumbull Group are certain to help us on our growth path. We recently conducted a Q&A with Lorenzo so that he could share his perspective. Enjoy, share and please feel free to comment!

Q: Have you developed your elevator pitch for Esquify yet?

Yes. Here’s how it’s shaping up: We combine machine learning with advanced communications technologies to enable virtual document review and its supervision and monitoring. Our solution can deliver review time efficiencies of over 25 percent and fee savings of 40 percent or higher. Esquify was recently named one of Chicago’s 50 top tech startups to watch by the Built in Chicago tech community.

Q: What was it about Esquify’s proposition that intrigued you?

When it comes to devising technology for the legal market, the challenge is coming up with processes that don’t impact behaviors but do improve productivity, efficiency and quality. We have a real approach that simplifies the document review process and a team that has the energy and passion to improve market standards around it.

Q: How do you see the legal community’s pain points and needs around technology and its value as it becomes increasingly integrated into the practice of law?

On the corporate side, it’s tied to the ongoing need to lower the spend on outside legal services. To that end, corporate counsel wants a better way to get better quality work. For law firms, there are different segments. Some attorneys look for value to them and how it helps them become better lawyers. Another group sees technology as a way of fixing problems. A third is happy is what they have; it doesn’t matter that the status quo is more expensive. Those are the ones whose corporate clients are likely to be most receptive to a solution like Esquify’s.

Q: How does Esquify meet the legal community’s need?

For any attorney overseeing a significant project requiring outside assistance, a big issue is the level of trust and comfort in the team, and the confidence that they will handle the challenge will. For document review, Esquify supports that need. Not only do clients get transparency into the people working on the project and knowledge that minute-to-minute oversight occurring. That’s significant to lawyers, who get a great deal of comfort from that capability.

Q: How will your experience help Esquify in its growth trajectory?

Well, for starters I know a lot of people and look forward to making some high-level introductions. Just as important, though, is the context I bring to the company and prospective clients. I’ve been involved in a lot of quirky cases where standard processes just haven’t worked. So I’ve had to reinvent the wheel to come up with efficient solutions for particular client needs. I’m known for my ability to reimagine a flexible technology to solve problems – and that aligns perfectly with what Esquify is all about.