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Looking to unlock reviewer efficiency for your reviews?

Esquify's tech driven efficiencies save you time and money.

Our technology can either power your existing reviewers, or our reviewer community, to help you achieve higher review productivity for your cases. 

We match our community of attorney reviewers with your case- virtually, efficiently and securely.


Virtual: Tap into the largest supervised community of virtual contract reviewers. Select reviewers from updated profiles and ratings.

Efficient: Esquify uses technology to overcome traditional inefficiencies, meaning a better, more cost effective review solution. 

Secure: Esquify maintains best in class security features, and each qualified reviewer is vetted, rated and barred.


Transform your manual review with Esquify's technology.

Supervision that's better than being in the same room.


Cutting-edge Technology:

We use our proprietary technology and built-in communication tools to oversee our reviewers. Each reviewer is supervised by both experienced case managers and our software so we always know they are on task, accurate and up to speed.

Use your existing eDiscovery license:

Esquify is document-platform agnostic. Our technology works in tandem with your existing eDiscovery license. We take over for the in-person review... it's that simple.

For kCura Relativity users, try our newly integrated dashboard. Find out more here!


Esquify's Reviewer Community: Ready to power your review.

Our technology-driven, virtual community is made up of experienced, US-based, accountable professionals. 


Vetted, Barred & US-Based Contract Attorneys

Esquify has built its community using US based contract attorneys. Each reviewer is currently barred and is vetted by our team. While on a case, reviewers are supervised by our own case managers- assuring you the best quality review.


Performance Based Ratings Drives Accountability

All of our reviewers are rated based on qualitative and quantitative metrics which helps us assure that you have the best, most conscientious reviewer on your case. Since ratings carry from case to case, you gain transparency on past performance and peace of mind that your reviewers are right for you.


Want to join the Esquify Reviewer Community? 

Esquify is always interested in adding qualified attorney reviewers to our community. Please click the link below to learn more:

    esquify: (verb/ root esquire)-  To engage in the review of documents virtually and securely, using the power of technology and community, to drive results.   Usage: "I esquify my reviews in order to drive eDiscovery efficiency and unprecedented cost savings."